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sélection tradition Pinot Noir

The pinot noir is the prince of our production. It is the only red vine entitled to bear the appellation of controlled origin label (AOC) both in the canton of Neuchâtel and in Burgundy from whence it comes to us.

This wine, ruby red in colour, with hints of red fruits and hazelnuts, all delicately dosed and of beautiful intensity, perfectly accompanies poultry and red meats.

Some like it yount, alluring and spontaneous. Others prefer it a little older, wiser, more complex and more tender, too.

The fact is that it can age for some three years, without losing anything of its youthful appearance and it can then be savoured in the prime of its age.

Serving temperature: 14-18°C

Stock quantity : available
Grape variety : pinot noir

Vintage : 2019

1 Bte(s) 75 cl

CHF 18.50

(CHF 2.47 / 10cl)
Respect for the earth and the human being
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