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sélection tradition Neuchâtel Blanc AOC

The Neuchâtel blanc, which is light in colour with an aroma of lime, is a light fruity wine with just a hint of a sparkle due to its maturing on lees. It is derived from the Chasselas Fendant Roux.

This wine of oriental origin was brought to our region by the crusaders.

This is a cheerful wine. Just the thing for aperitifs. It goes well with grilled or boiled fish as well as with seafood. Perfect with cheese, it rounds off the evening on a joyful note.

To be consumed within three years

Serving temperature: 10-12°C

Stock quantity : available
Grape variety : chasselas

Vintage : 2021

1 Bte(s) 75 cl

CHF 13.00

(CHF 1.73 / 10cl)
Respect for the earth and the human being
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