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sélection tradition Neuchâtel Blanc AOC, Non filtré

The unfiltered Neuchâtel blanc is a speciality from Neuchâtel derived from the Chasselas Fendant Roux vine. It is the first wine of the year and it goes on sale on the third Wednesday in January.

The lees it contains in suspension makes it cloudy to the eye and gives it an unexpected twang of citrus fruits, in particular of grapefruit.

It is served in the same way as the Neuchâtel blanc as an accompaniment to aperitifs or, at table, with fresh-water fish. It is delight with asparagus or hard-boiled egg.

Some drink it very yount, in the turmoil of youth. We like it well-matured, of a slightly veiled colour. In this case, it comes in summer attire and can take several years without losing any of its freshness, as it is preserved by the lees.

Serving temperature: 10-12°C

Stock quantity : available
Grape variety : chasselas

Vintage : 2021

1 Bte(s) 75 cl

CHF 13.00

(CHF 1.73 / 10cl)
Respect for the earth and the human being
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